Thursday, February 16, 2012

It Starts Today

I have always loved running. But lately, there's this newfound passion that is driving me to run. I love every minute of it, even when it gets tough. Running is not just about being physically fit, but mentally as well. It becomes a question of mental toughness when you reach the bumps in the road that makes you want to quit. But if you're strong enough, you'll keep going, you'll keep pushing yourself because you know you can. And there is absolutely no way to describe the rush you get from not stopping-- from finishing what you set out to do. I'm starting this blog because I want to dedicate this to my renewed passion in running.

Yesterday I went for the longest run I think I have ever done. I even surprised myself because I'm so used to running on the treadmill.

Day 1: February 15th 2012
Distance: 13.39km (8.32 miles)
Time: 1:23:11
Calories Burned: 862
[I just the app called iMapMyRun. It's remarkable]

I'll primarily be documenting my runs, so whoever is out there, if anyone, I hope I can give you the motivation to lace up those runners and see the world.

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