Monday, February 20, 2012

Injury Update: Peroneal Tendonitis

It has been three days since the day I had to stop myself from completing my run because of my sore ankle. It seems that, upon doing a lot of research, I have peroneal tendonitis. I know many people would say, go see a doctor and find out for sure, but I'm one of those people who enjoy self-diagnosing myself. Apparently this is a very common injury among runners, but all I can really do is keep RICE-ing it. I've dealt with sprains before, and it's frustrating when you're restricted from doing what you want or from doing things you normally do without experiencing pain because of an injury. For those who do not know what it is, essentially it is caused by overuse, and has a greater chance of being inflamed/torn as a result of prior ankle injuries. Unfortunately for me, I have sprained this ankle (the right one) many times when I used to play basketball, thus, with the number of miles I was running and the lack of adequate rest, inevitably, I put myself in this position. I have no real background in health science, and I don't claim to be an expert, but I'm pretty certain that this is what is ailing me and I'm just hoping that, by doing the right things, I'll be able to walk again without pain. And hopefully, before long, I'll be running.

I've included a picture of the anatomy of the ankle to indicate where the peroneal tendons are:
peroneal tendonitis
As you can see, the peroneal tendons run on the outer side of the ankle. After 3 days, my ankle is still swollen and bruised, and it hurts a lot to stand, let alone walk. And I know that if it continues for another few days, I'll have to seek professional help, which I am hoping will not be necessary, but we'll have to wait and see. While I'm on my road to recovery, I'll be looking for ways to prevent this from happening in the future because it really is a pain to have to deal with and it's frustrating not being able to run.

Anyway, until next time :)

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