Monday, October 14, 2013

Motivation Monday: Story

I know I've already made a Motivation Monday post for today, but this story is too inspiring not to share.

maickel melamed

The ordinary: Venezuelan Maickel Melamed, 38, finishes the Chicago Marathon in 16 hours and 48 minutes.

The extraordinary: Melamed is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. 

This story is so inspiring because it shows you that disabilities are only disabilities if you let them serve as obstacles-- as roadblocks that keep you from reaching your full potential. But Melamed did not let his disorder dictate what he can or cannot do. He did not allow what he cannot control control him. Instead, HE was the one who decided what his limitations were, and HE was the one who was able to create his own reality. Melamed's will and persistence to complete the marathon shows us that we are all capable of accomplishing anything we set our minds to. His story tells us that whatever obstacle, or difficulty that we're facing, there is always a way around it. And if there isn't, then you break through that wall and prove that external forces do not determine who you are. YOU determine your own success. And only YOU can decide whether or not you can or cannot do something.

Thanks for reading. And I hope you were able to be as inspired by Melamed as I am.

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